Winning at Winnersville

Congratulations to the Jesters who competed this weekend at the Wildcat at Winnersville Speech and Debate Tournament, hosted by Valdosta HS. The Jesters had another fantastic showing, having the most students advance and place than any other school. Schools from Georgia, Tennessee and Florida attended the tournament. Here is how we fared:

Original Oratory: Salaam Awad, 5th Place; Oliver Gray, 2nd Place

Informative Speaking: Bryant Hodgson, 4th Place; Nora Ball, 3rd Place

Extemporaneous Speaking: Bryant Hodgson, 5th Place; Maeve Malaney-Lau, 4th Place; Oliver Gray, 3rd Place: Jorge Navarrete, 2nd Place; George Lefkowicz, CHAMPION

Public Forum Debate: Duncan Tanner & Cole Parker, CHAMPIONS

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Aran Sonnad-Joshi, 3rd Speaker; Lauren Scaffidi, 1st Speaker; Lauren Scaffidi, 2nd Place Overall

We couldn’t compete without our community and parent judges! Thanks to Kathryn Lawler, Gene Likins, Vicki Gray, Harshad Joshi and Shashi Sonnad. You’re the best!

We have the next weekend off and then we split the team and compete at the Sequoyah HS Autumn Argument in Canton, GA, and the William Tennent HS Invitational in PA.