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Tournament results

Treasure was Found!

The Jesters went hunting for treasure at the Alpharetta HS Speech and Debate Treasure hunt. Treasure was found! Here is how we did-
Extemporaneous Speaking: Oliver Gray, 6th Place; Tyler Jones, 4th Place; Harrison Gray, 3rd Place, Franky Fernandez, CHAMPION
Impromptu Speaking: Harrison Gray, 6th Place; Franky Fernandez, 3rd Place; Dana Richie, 2nd Place
Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 3rd Place; George Lefkowicz, 2nd Place; Lucia Fernandez, CHAMPION
Informative Speaking: Tyler Jones, 4th Place
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Griffin Richie, CO-CHAMPION
Varsity Public Forum Debate: Jack Stegelman and Gerald Robison, Quarterfinalists
Varsity Policy Debate: Daniel Wakefield, 6th Place Speaker
Thanks to Frank Fernandez, Tina Fernandez, Clare Richie, Norm Richie, Corwin Robison and Lucas Bailey for judging this weekend at the tournament.

Champions at Jackson!

Congrats to the Jesters who attended the Jackson HS Red Devil Rhetoric Speech and Debate Tournament this past weekend. Here is how we fared:


Varsity Public Forum Debate: Ellie Werthman and Jordan Thomas, quarterfinalists; Jordan Thomas, 2nd Speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Emma Harmon, quarterfinalist; Griffin Richie, CHAMPION

Duo Interpretation: Keller Rentz-Baker and George Smalley, 3rd Place; Maximus Freightman and Adam Miller, 2nd Place

Dramatic Interpretation: Olivia Hunter, 4th Place

Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 5th Place; Lucia Fernandez,  CHAMPION


Overall the Jesters bring home the First Place Sweepstakes Award!


Thanks to Ash Parker, Norm Richie, Vicki Gray, Larry Slovensky, alumni Harper Gambill and Ben Bizot and coach Lucas Bailey for judging for the team this weekend!

Jesters Win Speech Sweepstakes at Cherokee!

The Jesters competed at the Cherokee HS Winter Challenge Speech and Debate Tournament this past Saturday in Canton, Ga. They were awesome, winning Speech Sweepstakes once again! Here are the results:

Novice LD Debate: Lindsey Curtis, 3rd Place
Varsity Public Forum Debate: William Poss and Ethan Damiani, Runners-up; William Poss, 10th Speaker; Ethan Damiani, 5th Speaker
Dramatic Interpretation: Taylor Jackson, CHAMPION
Extemporaneous Speaker: Bryant Hodgson, 10th Place; George Lefkowicz, 6th Place; Harrison Gray, 5th Place; Tyler Jones, 2nd Place
Impromptu Speaking: Tyler Jones, 7th Place; Dana Richie, 2nd Place; Harrison Gray, CHAMPION
Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 5th Place; Lucia Fernandez, 3rd Place
Program Oral Interpretation, Taylor Jackson, CHAMPION

THANK YOU to Norm Richie, Craig Erlich, Lucas Bailey, Connie Freightman, Julie Franklin and Austin Gates for chaperoning and judging at the tournament. Couldn’t do it without you! And, as always, thank you to APS for their constant support and belief in the power of Speech and Debate!

Peach State Speech and Debate Awesomeness

The Grady Jesters competed this weekend at the largest Georgia high school invitational in the state, the Peach State Classic at Carrollton HS. Schools from Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan and all over Georgia were in attendance. The team had an incredible performance, winning SIX championships out of 16 events offered. In a field of 36 schools.

Program Oral Interp: Taylor Jackson, 5th Place

Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 4th Place; Lucia Fernandez, CHAMPION

Informative Speaking: Joe Earles, CHAMPION

Impromptu Speaking:  Declan McCarthy, 8th Place; Dana Richie, 6th Place; Sarah Likins, CHAMPION

Extemporaneous Speaking: Bryant Hodgson, 10th Place; Royce Mann, 7th Place; Declan McCarthy, 4th Place; Oliver Gray, 5th Place;  Sarah Likins, 2nd Place; Harrison Gray, CHAMPION

Duo Interpretation: Maximus Freightman & Adam Miller, 7th Place; Olivia Hunter & Joe Earles, 2nd Place

Dramatic Interpretation: Adam Miller, 8th Place; Taylor Jackson, 5th Place

Varsity Policy Debate: Assata Nkosi & Daniel Wakefield, CO-CHAMPIONS; Assata Nkosi, 9th Speaker; Daniel Wakefield, 5th Speaker

Novice Policy Debate: Jack Kast & Dorien Laurens, 3rd Place; Ava Smith & Matthew Vincent, 2nd Place; Jack Kast, 10th Speaker; Dorien Laurens, 5th Speaker; Ava Smith, TOP SPEAKER

Varsity Public Forum Debate: Jack Stegelman & Gerald Robison, Octofinalists

Novice Public Forum: Jorge Navarrete & Elena Hubert, CHAMPIONS; Everett Stubin, 10th Speaker; Elena Hubert, 7th Speaker; Jorge Navarrete, 4th Place

Thank you to Corwin Robison, Eileen and David Poss, Ben Damiani, Norm Richie, Praise Jackson, Vickie Gray and Reid Laurens for judging for us this weekend. And thanks to the Grady HS community and Atlanta Public Schools for their continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Champions at Sequoyah Autumn Argument!

Program Oral Interp: Taylor Jackson, CHAMPION
Impromptu Speaking: Tyler Jones, 5th Place
Extemporaneous Speaking: George Lefkowicz, 5th Place; Tyler Jones, 4th Place; Maeve Malaney-Lau, 3rd Place
Novice Policy Debate: Ava Smith (debating maverick!) 3rd Place; Jack Kast and Dorien Laurens, CHAMPIONS; Jack Kast, 6th Speaker; Dorien Laurens, 2nd Speaker; Ava Smith, 1st Speaker
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Lindsey Curtis, CO-CHAMPION; Lindsey Curtis, 2nd Speaker
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Emma Harmon, Quarterfinalist; Swagatam Das, Semifinalist; Emma Harmon, 5th Speaker; Swagatam Das, 3rdSpeaker
Novice Public Forum Debate: Jorge Navarrete & Elena Hubert, CO-CHAMPIONS; Jorge Navarrete, 6th Speaker; Elena Hubert, 5th Speaker
Varsity Public Forum Debate: Ellie Werthman and Abby Peters, Quarterfinalists

Success at Queen City Invitational!

Congrats, Jesters, on a great showing at the Queen City Invitational at Charlotte Catholic HS! Bringing home hardware: 5th Place in Informative, Joe Earles; 6th Place in Extemp, Sarah Likins and 2nd Place Franky Fernandez; 3rd Place in Duo Interp, Joe Earles & Olivia Hunter, 2nd Place in Varsity LD, Griffin Richie, and CHAMPION in Impromptu Speaking, Franky Fernandez! Great job, team!

Jesters Win the Joust!

Novice Public Forum Debate: Jorge Navarette & Elena Hubert, CHAMPIONS; Everett Stubin & Lauren Scaffidi, 2nd Place
Varsity Public Forum: Kelley Downes & Abby Challas, CO-CHAMPIONS; Jordan Thomas & Ethan Damiani, 3rd Place
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Griffin Richie, CHAMPION
Dramatic Interpretation: Harry Suazo, 5th Place
Original Oratory: Lucia Fernandez, 2nd Place
Program Oral Interpretation: Joe Earles, 2nd Place
Informative Speaking: Joe Earles, 2nd Place
Impromptu Speaking: George Leftkowicz, 5th Place; 4th Place, Eric Slovensky; 3rd Place, Tyler Jones; Franky Fernandez, 2nd Place; Harrison Gray, CHAMPION
Extemporaneous Speaking: Declan McCarthy, 6th Place; Tyler Jones, 5th Place; Franky Fernandez, 4th Place; Harrison Gray, 3rd Place; Eric Slovensky, 2nd Place; Sarah Likins, CHAMPION

Grand Champions of the Archer HS Archer Red Tiger Classic!

Original Oratory: Lucia Fernandez, CHAMPION
Impromptu Speaking: Declan McCarthy, 3rd Place; Harrison Gray: 2nd Place
Extemporaneous Speaking: Declan McCarthy, 5th Place; Harrison Gray, 2nd Place; Eric Slovensky, CHAMPION
Dramatic Interpretation: Taylor Jackson, 5th Place
Informative Speaking: Ashley Sasser, 3rd Place
Program Oral Interpretation: Taylor Jackson, 2nd Place
Duo Interpretation: Olivia Hunter and Joe Earles, CHAMPIONS

Jesters win Wildcat Classic!

The Jesters competed this weekend at Valdosta High School for the Wildcat Classic Speech and Debate Tournament. With 20 schools from Georgia and Florida, the Jesters won the tournament!  Here is how individual students fared: Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 2nd Place Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Lindsey Curtis, CHAMPION Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Swagatam Das, Quarterfinalist; Emma Harmon and Griffin Ritchie, CO-CHAMPIONS Novice Public Forum Debate: Everett Stubin & Lauren Scaffiti, Quarterfinalists; Carys Van Atta & Elliott Wilner, Semifinalists; Duncan Tanner & Teddy Suazo and Jorge Navarrete & Elena Hubert, CO-CHAMPIONS Varsity Public Forum Debate: Ethan Damiani & Jordan Thomas, Quarterfinalists; Mills Rentz-Baker & Will Tanner and Kelley Downes & Abby Challas, CO-CHAMPIONS; Ethan Damiani, 7th Speaker, Jordan Thomas, 2nd Speaker Novice Policy Debate: Jack Kast, 2nd Place; Jack Kast, 2nd Place Speaker Extemporaneous Speaking: Oliver Gray,6th Place; George Leftkowicz, 5th Place; Payton Parker, 4th; Tyler Jones, 3rd Place; Franky Fernandez, 2nd Place; Harrison Gray, CHAMPION Congressional Debate: George Lefcowicz,5th Place; Harrison Gray, 2nd Place; Franky Fernandez, CHAMPIONS