• HOME Page:  The Jesters: The Grady High School Speech and Debate Team; Temporary home page for testing plugins if site needs to be live: Temporary Home Page for Testing Plugins.  To change this, go to WP settings – reading and change the home page. 
  • for UM password reset to work – I changed the lost password page in woocommerce settings from gradyspeaks.com/my-account/lost-password
  • to gradyspeaks.com/password-reset.  AND account page from My account to Account
  • If testing connectability for UM – especially email activation, the site must be live, not staging
  • If using Ultimate member, don’t use google captcha in wordfence; use it in the ultimate member extension or it will conflict with logins.


to create a top menu item that does not go to a blank page but isn’t clickable – only opens sub menu items,

create a custom menu item, in the html section, paste

javascript: void(0);

add.  then rename, and move where you’d like for it to go.

Tournament Results are blog posts – so to make a new one, make a new post.  Event categories are bold, everything paragraph style.  put the image in as “featured image” on the bottom right of the screen.  This section is a carousel so will scroll. * you must change category from uncategorized to tournament for the post to show up on the page and in the carousel.