First and Second Year Jesters Shine and Varsity Student Congress Team Dominates

The Jesters competed this weekend at the First/Second Year State Championships and the Varsity Student Congress. The team had an AWESOME showing, with students bringing home 7 State Championships!

Here are results:

1st/2nd Year State

1st Year Public Forum Debate: Zach Spangler and Jamie Marlowe, CHAMPIONS; Augie Werthman & Delia Schroeder, Semi-finalists; Charlie Suazo & Abby Hyken, Quarter-finalists; Abby Hyken, 10th Speaker; Charlie Suazo, 8th Speaker; Zach Spangler, 6th Speaker; Jamie Marlow, 4th Speaker

1st Year Policy Debate: Millan Bhatia and Shalin Gupta, Quarterfinalists

1st Year Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Harry Cook Semifinalist; Harry Cook, TOP SPEAKER

2nd Year Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Aran Sonnad-Joshi and Kelly Tran, CO-CHAMPIONS; Peter Haynes, Semifinalist

Extemporaneous Speaking: Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, CHAMPION; Ava Young, Runner-Up

Impromptu Speaking: Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, Runner-up; Ava Young, 3rd Place

Varsity Student Congress

George Lefkowicz, CHAMPION

Ava Smith, Runner-up

Nicolas Kamel, 4th Place

Finalists: Oliver Gray, Lucia Fernandez, Eleanor Ball, Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, Maeve Malaney-Lau


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