Treasure was Found!

The Jesters went hunting for treasure at the Alpharetta HS Speech and Debate Treasure hunt. Treasure was found! Here is how we did-
Extemporaneous Speaking: Oliver Gray, 6th Place; Tyler Jones, 4th Place; Harrison Gray, 3rd Place, Franky Fernandez, CHAMPION
Impromptu Speaking: Harrison Gray, 6th Place; Franky Fernandez, 3rd Place; Dana Richie, 2nd Place
Original Oratory: Dana Richie, 3rd Place; George Lefkowicz, 2nd Place; Lucia Fernandez, CHAMPION
Informative Speaking: Tyler Jones, 4th Place
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Griffin Richie, CO-CHAMPION
Varsity Public Forum Debate: Jack Stegelman and Gerald Robison, Quarterfinalists
Varsity Policy Debate: Daniel Wakefield, 6th Place Speaker
Thanks to Frank Fernandez, Tina Fernandez, Clare Richie, Norm Richie, Corwin Robison and Lucas Bailey for judging this weekend at the tournament.