Sequoyah HS Autumn Argument in Canton, Des Moines Tournavelt in Iowa, Bob Jones results

Congrats to the Jesters who competed “in” Georgia and Iowa this weekend! We were at the Sequoyah HS Autumn Argument in Canton and the Des Moines Tournavelt in Iowa. Results:

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Fiona Bray- CHAMPION
Novice Public Forum Debate, Jed Roseman & Charlotte Keenan- CO-CHAMPIONS
Impromptu Speaking, Oliver Gray, 6th Place; Ava Smith- CHAMPION
Informative Speaking, Nora Ball- CHAMPION
Extemporaneous Speaking, Ava Smith- 6th Place; Oliver Gray- 4th Place
Original Oratory, Salaam Awad- 6th Place
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Iowa), Aran Sonnad-Joshi- 3rd Place; Kelly Tran, 2nd Place

In South Carolina last weekend at the Bob Jones Academy tournament. Results:

Extemporaneous Speaking, Ava Smith- 4th Place; Oliver Gray, 2nd Place
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Harry Cook- 6th Place
Informative Speaking, Nora Ball, 5th Place
Varsity Public Forum Debate, Cole Parker and Duncan Tanner, 4th Place

Thanks for your continued support!