The results are in from a busy weekend in Georgia and Arizona!

The Jesters were busy this weekend, competing in three different speech and debate tournaments: The Peach State Classic in Carrollton; Westminster Debates in Atlanta; and the Toro Country Classic in Mesa, AZ.  We advanced/received 28 awards this weekend!

Here is how we fared:

Toro Country Classic, Mesa, AZ

Impromptu Speaking: Lucia Fernandez, semifinalist; George Lefkowicz, semifinalist

Original Oratory: Lucia Fernandez, semifinalist

Extemporaneous Speaking: Jorge Navarrete, semifinalist; Oliver Gray, semifinalist; George Lefkowicz, 3rd Place

Peach State Classic

Congressional Debate: Jorge Navarrete, 5th Place; Oliver Gray, 4th Place; Lucia Fernandez, 2nd Place; George Lefkowicz, CHAMPION

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Walker Land, 9th Speaker; Harry Cook, Top Speaker Harry Cook, 2nd Place

JV Public Forum Debate: Gabby Berger, 9th Speaker; Lilah Bransfield/Gabby Berger, CHAMPIONS

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Aran Sonnad-Joshi, 9th Speaker; Kelly Tran, 7th Speaker; Peter Haynes, 6th Place; Lauren Scaffidi, TOP SPEAKER; Lauren Scaffidi, Quarterfinalist; Kelly Tran, Quarterfinalist; Peter Haynes, Semifinalist

Varsity Public Forum Debate:  Elena Hubert/Everett Stubin and Cole Parker/Griffin Richie, Octofinalists

Extemporaneous Speaking: Mark McClain, 4th Place; Ava Smith, CHAMPION

Impromptu Speaking: Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, 6th Place; Ava Young, 3rd Place

Informative Speaking: Matthew Vincent, 3rd Place; Nora Ball, 2nd Place